We Are Invisible

A single bot that can do everything.
That's the simple idea that everyone says is impossible without general artificial intelligence.

But with synthetic intelligence
- humans doing the work and technology coordinating the humans -
the future is already here.

For $10 per hour,
you can automate your entire life and business,
and save up to 41% of your time.

No More Repetitive Digital Work


A synthetic assistant is a digital persona composed of multiple humans doing work, and one algorithm coordinating the human’s work.

Synthetic = human + artificial.

You interface with your synthetic assistant via email, and soon, via Slack, phone, and text.

We’ve built a digital assembly line that inputs your requests, categorizes them as a certain process, follow process instructions, then hands it back to you.

The flow that a task takes through our system is always the same, but the instructions used to complete it depend on the task, and your needs.

At each stage, there’s a different human specialist who acts on your task in a given way, then ensures it’s ready for the next person in the line.

It’s analogous to a manufacturing factory, except 100% digital, with an algorithmic foreman directing workers’ every movement.

Invisible employs dozens of remote agents on a full time basis, who we select and train from around the world.

They’re already quite capable, but with the Invisible algorithm telling them exactly what to do, the only way they can fail is by not following instructions.

Most of our past mistakes are due to system error, not operator error, and that’s just how we want it, because the system never makes the same mistake twice.

If you’ve ever worked with virtual assistants before, you know the challenges involved: lossless context transfer, clear expectations, and coordination.

It’s not easy to extract the information out of your head, clearly convey instructions and expectations, and manage a team to completion.

Our synthetic assistants do exactly that — allowing you to leverage the work of many humans, with the management cost of one single persona.

A Process is a set of step-by-step instructions your synthetic assistant follows to complete your task — go here, click that, if X then Y, watch out for Z.

We’ve written hundreds of these for common business tasks, like Calendar, Admin, Hiring, Contacts, Travel, Data, and Research.

Here’s some more examples:

    Meetings Processes

  • Creating slides for all hands meetings.
  • Coordinating weekly goals with team leaders.
  • Adding online research to slide decks.
  • Fundraising Processes

  • Populating a Fundraising Funnel From Calendar, Contacts, and Inbox.
  • Sourcing an Introduction.
  • Calendar Processes

  • Scheduling with a Third Party.
  • Ensuring family time.
  • Updating Calendar from Inbox.
  • Admin Processes

  • Compiling a monthly Expense Report.
  • Confirming reimbursements.
  • Converting a document into a Form.
  • Request a signature.
  • Travel Processes

  • Researching and Booking a flight.
  • Researching and Booking an activity.
  • Researching and Booking a hotel.
  • Researching and Booking a rental car.
  • Events Processes

  • Populating an exclusive dinner guestlist.
  • Tracking dinner RSVPs.
  • Managing catering and entertainment.
  • Lifestyle Processes

  • Changing cellular data plan for travel.
  • Manging house utilities.
  • Making a haircut appointment.
  • Inbox Processes

  • Implementing Inbox Zero.
  • Pinging non-responsive recipients.
  • Drafting respond templates.
  • Contacts Processes

  • Sending a Mail Merge.
  • Tagging a Contact with a Keyword.
  • Hiring Processes

  • Vetting a recruiter candidates.
  • Scheduling a Phone Screen.
  • Managing a funnel in Lever.

For more examples, visit inv.tech/processes or our Processes Index.

You ask your assistant to do something, and they’ll respond with the Process instructions they’re going to use, as well as what they need from you to start.

You’ll confirm or edit the instructions until they fit your needs, share any needed information, and then receive an ETA.

We promise onboarding a new process will take no longer than 48 hours, and once its onboarded, you can delegate instances of it as fast as you like.

You must confirm the Process before your assistant is capable of executing it for you.

We have a three pronged approach to security:

  1. We obscure passwords using LastPass’s enterprise grade password sharing software.
  2. We follow the Principle Of Least Privilege — human agents only see as much as they need to to execute, and no more.
  3. All our agents operate full time under NDAs with us and are happy to sign more if necessary.

$10 per execution hour, flat! We don’t charge for the cost of setting up your assistant or a new process.

You pay up front for a package of hours (starting at $250), and then the assistant allocates hours to tasks as you delegate them.

Your assistant tracks the time it spends in your personalize dashboard, where you can set time or cost budgets as desired.

You can’t delegate creativity.
You can’t delegate strategic thinking and problem solving.
You can’t delegate relationship building.
But you can always delegate the Process.
Even if the Process is complex.

Take relationship building, for example.
We can’t do meetings and calls for you.
We can’t write the final draft of your emails for you.
But we can organize your contacts, format your notes, track results in a funnel.
And we can label, archive, and draft emails for you.

Just think about how much work is necessary before the real work begins!

    So far,

  • We won’t do work in languages other than English.
  • We won’t do analog work out of the digital world (phone calls are okay).
  • We won’t touch your core product offering.
  • We won’t make business decisions for you.
  • We won’t do specialized work, like customer service, recruiting, or technicial development.
  • But we will do everything around these things!

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per hour

At this price, you should automate everything.

Your time is just more valuable.

The average knowledge worker can delate 41% of their digital tasks.

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