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👋 Meet worksharing.

Worksharing blends outsourcing and automation so your company or team can efficiently run any business process.

Customers use worksharing to

transform 500 menus / day.
process 4K claims in a month.
reconcile an inventory of 19K
products every day.
schedule meetings with founders.
find thousands of pieces of art.
build lists of candidates.
1) Simplify delegation & management
Delegate any process through a digital assistant, our web app, or in a conversation with our team. No code, and no management, required.
2) Get versatile bandwidth
Get bandwidth for any process or function when you need it. Update processes any time!
3) Scale fast and on demand
When you're ready to grow, we are too. We can scale your processes in days and weeks - saving you months and years.
p.s. There's no tech to install & it's secure.
We operate in the cloud on secure workspaces where we record all activity. In five years, we have not had a customer data breach. Since there's no implementation, you can get started tomorrow.

Simple. Versatile. Scalable.

Worksharing is a better way to get stuff done. That’s why we’ve grown 3x since January.

What you can workshare.

See how these categories apply
to you here.

Manage workflows
Zapier or an app can't handle it? Our mix of people
and tech can.
Run outreach
Run sophisticated comms sequences or judgment-based scheduling.
Define what you'd like to learn about and where to put the information. We'll do the rest.
Surprise us
Go ahead. Try to surprise us with a real-life unicorn of a delegation.
Tag lists
Sort a list. Rank a list. Enrich the data of a list. Bring a list, leave with a deliverable.
Transform data
Got menus? Properties? Claims? We order the unstructured data chaos.
Build lists
Build a lead list, a talent list, or any other list that will unlock value for your business.
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Find your ROI.

One of our three plans is right for you. All plans include templated processes, custom workflows, and a dedicated team.
Monthly Starter
$20.00 / hour
$2000 / month minimum
Month-to-month commitment
Growth Plan
SAVE 12.5%
$17.50 / hour
$2000 / month minimum
Annual commitment
Pay Annually
$15.00 / hour
$5000 / month minimum
Annual commitment
Unit pricing

Happy Customers.

I've always wanted something as flexible as Mechanical Turk, but capable of more complex tasks. Invisible is a dream come true."
Artsy Chief Data Scientist, Hugo Liu
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p.s. In five years of operating, we have never had customer data compromised. It's secure.

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